Mission & Vision & Core Values


Importing water solution products from manufacturing factories. Developing sustainable water solutions and making them available to end users. Supplying wholesale products to companies operating in the plumbing industry.


To be the most well-known and with highest number of successful water solutions installations company in the Balkan countries.

Core Values

  1. 100% Transparency
    While evaluating our customers' water-related problems, we present a 100% transparent communication regarding the current situation and what can be done.
  2. Zero Excuses
    As we develop and implement water solutions, we do not let the circumstances that surround us stop our work. We develop solutions, not excuses.
  3. Realistic Target Definition
    We develop realistic ideas about what we can do to solve water related problems. We do not make exaggerated promises.
  4. Developing Sustainable Solutions
    We are working to ensure that the solutions we develop are sustainable. We don't do installations that can't keep working.