Water Softening

Limescale in the water is an undesirable substance that significantly reduces our comfort, causes to spoil our devices such as boilers, dishwashers, solar panels, etc. and leaves stains on surfaces.

Water softening is done by using the resin that holds the lime in the water. The water is passed over the resin before it is supplied to the local supply. The resin holds the lime in the water by ion exchange and the water continues to the network without lime. The lime holding capacity of the resin is limited. When it reaches this capacity, regeneration is performed with salty water that takes this lime from the resin and the lime holding capacity of the resin is reset. It is preferred to use fully automatic valves for regeneration.

Washing machine broken down due to lime

Toilet bowl exposed to hard water

A housewife whose dishwasher is deteriorated by limescale

The use of water by purifying the lime provides four types of savings;

With Water.al® water softening systems, it is possible to have a softener and experience this comfort at affordable costs. Let our expert team install both electronic and mechanical fully automatic valves at the main entrance of the water network, and take advantage of the lime-free water. Whether it's a house with 3 people, a hotel that hosts 300 people at the same time, or a dining hall that serves up to 600 people at the same time, use lime-free water with appropriate sized devices and Water.al® service quality.

Our fully automatic softeners perform backwashing using Water.al® salts.

Contact us for the analysis of available raw water, your consumption and and efficient system recommendation.