System Rental

System rental option with 100% maintenance and 100% warranty.

Maybe you are busy managing a hotel with 56 rooms, maybe a cafeteria serving 450 people, or a cafe that brews 15 kg of coffee a day. You are simply overloaded. Satisfying customers on one side, dealing with staff problems on the one side, and payments to suppliers on the other...

While struggling with all this, you want to protect your devices and the infrastructure, the health of your staff and customers, by using quality water.

A process that grows like a mountain in your eyes. Both financing the devices, training personnel for maintenance, and dealing with the warranty requirements of the products...

Not easy. It's not easy at all!

The solution is the® system rental service!

The advantages of renting the water filter system instead of purchasing it are as follows.

  1. There is no system purchase cost. You use it with small monthly payments. It is easy to finance.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the system, you can return it.
  3. Periodic maintenance of the system is done without any additional fees.
  4. Since the products used in the system are the property of®, in case of any malfunction, the same or equivalent is provided free of charge by®.
  5. It is easy and less expensive to handle accounting. There is no need to deal with the depreciation process.
  6. No disassembly and reassembly costs when you move.

Contact® team to evaluate how you can benefit out of the system rental service.