Supplementary Products

There are a number of supporting products that can be used to maximize the benefits from water treatment systems. To mention the most frequently used of these products, water pumps, water tanks, ice machines, dispensers, solar water heating systems, filter jugs can be counted.

Ice machines are used extensively in places such as cafes and restaurants. Ice machines that are fed with filtered water produce the best quality ice.

Indispensable parts of office environments, they supply hot and cold water around the clock. Dispensers connected to the purification device save you from the trouble of bringing the carboy.

Gas water dispensers are indispensable for cafes and restaurants that care about customer satisfaction and want to offer a variety of options to the customer. It is possible to turn filtered water into carbonated water.

Water filter pitchers used to obtain drinking water in small volumes are ineffective against bacteria and viruses. It is adviced boiling before consumption. Excellent choice for families and singles who cannot afford the reverse osmosis investment.

Water tanks are the classic mitigation instruments against water cuts, It is very important to choose the right tank for the purpose of use. Compliance of the water tank to food production standarts is very important when they are used in restaurants and cafeterias. Using a water tank is the only option in places where peak moments of water consumption is observed in short periods. An example of this situation is the restaurants and cafeterias that serve very intensely at lunch time but not busy at other hours.

Utilizing the water pump to use the stored water will not only increase the comfort but also it will be compulsory in some cases in order to supply the minimum water pressure required by devices such as dishwashers etc. Pumps used in food production must comply with food production standards.

We tried to talk about some supplementary products that can be used together with water treatment systems. There is a huge variety of supplementary products. It is important to pick the right products suitable for the project. Contact® to develop a suitable project for your needs and to discover the supplementary products that can be used in this project.